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KYBELLA® Injection, is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for improving the appearance of moderate to severe "double chin", officially know as submental fullness.  It works on adults both men and women, providing the non-surgical solution to the common double chin complaint.  Many patients see visible improvement in their chin profile after just two to four treatment sessions.KYBELLA®, is comprised of deoxycholic acid that is identical to the deoxycholic acid produced in the body.  In our body Deoxycholic acid helps the body absorb fats.  Once KYBELLA®, is injected into the fat cells they are destroyed. After the treatment there are no fat cells left to accumulate fat in the future.


  • Skin is cleansed Topical local anesthetic is applied KYBELLA is injected with fine needles into fatty cells under the chin.


  • Minimum swelling and rarely bruising Patients are advised to avoid rubbing or massaging the injected area for 24 hours



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