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Dr. Kathy Gohar, one of the Leading Cosmetic Surgeons in Los Angeles, utilizes new fat transfer method for Brazilian Butt-Lift Procedure. As founder of Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center, Dr. Kathy Gohar is one of the most highly sought-after professionals for enhancement surgery procedures in Southern California.. Market Wire

Additions to Dr. Kathy Gohar's extensive resume now include a wider array of non-invasive options; these procedures, including cellulite treatments, liquid facelifts, and botox, require little to no recovery time.. Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center has announced their ability to provide sedation and other types of anesthesia for patients who are seeking liposuction... Market Wire

Dr. Kathy Gohar has long been the premier doctor for those seeking the benefits of flawless facelift in the Los Angeles area... Yahoo Finance

February proved to be the busiest month for gifting suites. First the Grammy's had their slew of swag lounges. Then the week leading up to the Academy Awards, numerous Oscar-related suite were vying for celebs' attention.. Huffington Post Style: The Blog

Watch live interviews with Dr. Gohar talking about Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center from Kathy Duliaka's 5th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suites and "Be Kind" Campaign.. Red Carpet Report

Red Carpet Event for The Oscars... Luicre Living: That Red Carpet Feeling

Oscar Event 2013.. Celebrity Oscar Suites

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Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center at The Oscar Party 2013... Super Glam News

Nicholas Bishop (Body of Proof) with Dr. Kathy Gohar from Beverly Hills Cosmetic and Laser Center at The Oscar Event Party... Pacific Punch Magazine

Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center at a party benefiting the KIND campaign... Agenda Magazine

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Dr. Kathy Gohar having fun with celebrities at The Oscar Party 2013...  Celebrity Photo Booth

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Dr. Kathy Gohar at The Emmy's Gifting Suites 2012... WOW! Creations


Dr. Kathy Gohar at the red carpet gifting suite for Golden Globe 2014  ..  2014 Golden Globe 

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