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Acne Facials 

Acne Facials depend upon the severity of the patient's acne. Acne Facials include a lot of deep cleansing with constant steaming (to open up the pores), exfoliation, extractions, and acne masks (to dry up the acne and to reduce redness/ irritation of the skin).  

Depending on the severity of your acne, we have many different acne at-home regimens for purchase in our office after the facial, for you to continue use day and night, to maintain clear skin. 

Acne Treatment plans after the facial may include topical or systemic medications. With mild or moderate acne, a topical treatment is applied directly to the skin. Systematic treatments are used to treat severe forms of acne, cystic-acne or nodulo-cystic. Such treatments are normally in an oral form of medication but may also require injection into the skin. They are available by prescription only and often times are given alongside topical treatments as well. When topical treatments are not enough to treat mild acne, systematic treatments may be applied.

We encourage monthly (at the least) facials as an up-keep to continue cleaning out your pores under professional care and to keep a close watch on your skin to make sure your skin is clearing up with each visit.


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