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For Breast Implants and Flawless Cosmetic Surgery, Look to "Surgeon to the Stars" Dr. Gohar of Beverly Hills for Flawless Results.

Breast implants are used to increase the size of the chest on a woman's body. Many women throughout Southern California use this procedure to enhance the contour of their body and enlarge their chest, and to attain a certain "celebrity" look. There are many reasons why a woman may decide to invest in this form of cosmetic surgery, including increased self confidence. One common reason that women decide to undergo breast augmentation is because the size of the chest often decreases in size and changes shape after pregnancy and nursing. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your chest, the team at Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center can enhance and rejuvenate your figure with breast augmentation and implants.

An introduction to the breast augmentation process

Cosmetic surgery often has a reputation for being unsafe, expensive, or unnatural. However, our pristine and exclusive surgery center and spa facility in BH is changing the way that the public and celebrity clients view breast augmentation procedures. At this exclusive practice, you can expect that Dr. Kathy Gohar will be attentive to your needs throughout the entire process. The doctor uses her skills as a cosmetic surgeon to many celebrity clients to get you beautiful results the first time.
The procedure for breast implants has become extremely streamlined and efficient over the last decade. The size of the implant is entirely up to your personal preferences-all of this can be decided upon meeting one on one with Dr. Gohar. Implants can alter both the size and shape of your profile. During this cosmetic procedure, the silicone implant is placed using one of three sites: the armpit, the lower folds of the breast, or around the areola.



Dr. Gohar provides flawless results every time

If you live in the Los Angeles area, make the BH Cosmetic & Laser Center your number one choice for breast implants and enhancement. This medical center and spa is located in the heart of Southern California, and is known for being the leading cosmetic surgery center for breast implants by celebrity clientele in the area. The reason for this enhancement center's success is due to the skill and proficiency of their head cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kathy Gohar. Dr. Gohar knows what her celebrity clients want when they come to her. Whether she is providing breast implants or a facelift, her experience and skill in the field of cosmetic enhancement surgery puts her ahead of others in the industry. Every patient of the Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center is treated with the importance, care, and discretion of a celebrity. If you are interested in breast implants with the most natural and flawless appearance available, Dr. Gohar will get you the beautiful results you are looking for.

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