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Collagen Masks

A 24K Gold Collagen Mask is a great add-on service to any facial, and is great for any age and skin type. 24K gold collagen masks help to reduce signs of aging by slowing down collagen depletion and relieving stress. Collagen Masks also hydrate and nourish the skin by pushing tons of healthy antioxidants and nutrients deep into your skin.

Deep cleansing facials exfoliate, extract, massage, mask, and moisturize the face. Facials help to prep the skin before the 24k gold collagen mask is placed on the cleansed skin. It is then left on the skin (with steam) for up to 20 minutes. The mask is then slowly removed and the remains of the gold flakes and antioxidants remain on your skin. A moisturizer with sunscreen is then placed on top for uva/uvb solar sun protection.


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