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Cosmetic Surgery

Leading Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kathy Gohar Specializes in Professional Breast Augmentation Services.

Women who are dissatisfied with their chest size often seek a cosmetic surgeon in Southern California to change the shape and contour of their body. Breast augmentation, also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, is a common procedure performed in the Los Angeles area on women that are unhappy with their breast size or shape- sometimes as a result of aging or pregnancy. If you desire to enhance the look and overall shape of chest, a cosmetic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation can safely alter the look of your chest with an augmentation procedure.

Enhance your bust size and self confidence

When you elect to undergo enhancement surgery in California, you likely have several options regarding how the breast augmentation will be performed. Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center, headed by the expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kathy Gohar, gives her patients several options for how the augmentation procedure can occur. This highly ranked surgeon gets to know the needs and profile of her patients before the procedure begins in order to determine the best results. Silicone or saline breast augmentation is performed through one of three ways: through the armpits, the lower folds of the breast, or the area around the areola. Dr. Gohar will consult with you to determine what the best method is to insert the implants, and to determine the size and shape of your future bust depending on your needs and preferences. Dr. Gohar's approach is personable and professional each and every time.

Dr. Gohar's breast augmentation services are highly sought after

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in California that specializes in breast augmentation procedures, look no further than this exclusive cosmetic surgery center. Dr. Kathy Gohar is known throughout the Los Angeles area for her expertise regarding breast augmentation and the care that she gives to her patients. Dr. Gohar is a cosmetic surgeon that holds patient comfort and satisfaction to the same high standard as she holds the outcome of the enhancement procedures she performs. Many men and women speak highly of this proficient cosmetic surgeon and for her work done in Beverly Hills. Both past and present patients rave about her proficiency, skill and friendliness during consultations. When you are looking for a cosmetic enhancement in Southern California, it is important to understand that the reputation of the surgeon you decide upon will have an impact on your breast augmentation procedure results. If you select Dr. Gohar at Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center, you will be thrilled by the flawless appearance of your chest after a breast augmentation surgery is completed.


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