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As a Leading Cosmetic & Laser Surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kathy Gohar Also Performs Flawless Facelift Procedures with More Immediate Results than the Leading Dermatologist.

Restore you face to its past youthfulness

There are a variety of different factors that can affect the way that the skin on your face changes. Weight loss, aging, stress, and sun exposure-especially for Southern California residents-all contribute to the overall appearance of the skin on your neck and face. When a dermatologist is not enough, many individuals in the Los Angeles area seek a cosmetic surgeon that can perform a facelift to restore a youthful appearance to their face. Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center is a cosmetic surgery and laser facility that specializes in facelifts and non-invasive facial rejuvenation. Headed by expert cosmetic and laser surgeon Dr. Kathy Gohar, a facelift from this luxurious practice will guarantee that you are pleased with the way your face looks after the procedure is finished. This practice offers more dramatic results than a simple visit to the dermatologist.

During a facelift, excess facial skin and fatty deposits are removed by the cosmetic surgeon and underlying muscles beneath the face are tightened. Patients of this exclusive facility will find that Dr. Gohar can successfully restore youthfulness to the appearance of their face, minimize the laxity of facial skin, improve the angle of the neck in relation to the chin, and sculpt an improved jaw line. Dr. Gohar's facelift surgery will rejuvenate your face far more extensively than a dermatologist visit ever could.

You can trust Dr. Kathy Gohar to achieve perfect results

The face is one of the first things people notice about you. Because of this, many Southern California residents are hesitant to undergo facelift surgery. Dr. Kathy Gohar is proficient cosmetic and laser surgeon that completely erases these fears. Her skills as a cosmetic surgeon are known throughout California, and past clients that have undergone facelift surgery sing praises of her proficiency and friendliness. They commend her results as being much more apparent than those of a dermatologist. When patients come to Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser to utilize Dr. Gohar's skills as a top cosmetic surgeon, she consults with each patient personally and gets to know their needs and desires before the procedure.

Residents of Los Angeles all have different aging patterns. Dr. Gohar will consult with you to determine your facial aging pattern, and will customize your facial rejuvenation surgery based on this information. Dr. Gohar can recommend whether a mini or full facelift will achieve the perfect results you desire, and will determine whether or not other dermatologist-type procedures such as laser surgery, chemical peels, or a forehead or neck lift can be done simultaneously with the facelift. If you live in the Beverly Hills area, Dr. Gohar is a cosmetic surgeon that is determined to get you the perfect results you desire.



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