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Wedding Day Makeover

Planning a Wedding?

Look picture perfect and feel beautifully radiant on your special day with pre-wedding cosmetic surgery and treatments by Dr. Kathy Gohar and our skin care specialists.

Rejuvenate your skin, enhance your lips, or contour your body just the way you have always wanted.  Follow the schedule below, select the cosmetic surgery or treatments you want most, and enjoy a bridal discount. Bring your mother or a best friend for additional discounts.

Wedding Day Makeover Procedures

Treatment Result When to Come In
Latisse Thicker, longer, darker eyelashes without extensions. At least one month before wedding.
Botox® Smooth, wrinkle-free skin on forehead, no more crow’s feet or frown lines and /or higher, arched eyebrows. Three weeks before wedding.
Juvederm® Full, sexy lips and smooth skin as well as fill in the deep laugh lines. Three weeks before wedding.
Laser Hair Removal Eliminate all unwanted body hairs for care-free, hair-free beauty. Three to six months before wedding.
Laser Spider Vein Removal Get rid of unsightly veins. Three months before wedding.
IPL Turns back the aging clock by eliminating sun damage, age spots, broken capillaries and rosacea. Three months before wedding.
Liposuction Remove unwanted fat, lose inches and contour your body for a great look in a gown or bathing suit. Liposuction works best on thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms, chin, love-handles and knees. Three to six months before wedding.
Skin Care Treatments Beautiful, clear, younger-looking, rejuvenated look. Four months before wedding.
Breast Augmentation For beautiful, extremely natural-looking and natural feeling breasts. Fill in your wedding gown like you've always wanted. Three to six months before wedding.
Tummy Tuck Get that flat stomach with tightened abdominal muscles. Four to six months before wedding.
Brow Lift Counteract the "tired look"by lifting sagging skin in brows and restore the arch to your brow naturally. Two to three months before wedding.
Facelift Get a rejuvenated and youthful look by removing saggy skin &wrinkles in midface, jowl and neck. Four to six months before wedding.