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Sclerotherapy is a procedure that treats blood vessel malformations and various blood vessels. These are clusters of red, blue, purple veins usually seen on thighs, calves, and ankles.  Sclerosing solution is injected into the undesired veins, causing them to shrink almost instantly. After a few weeks, the body absorbs the treated veins, allowing them to dissolve and disappear.

Sclerosing solution also closes feeder veins that are located beneath the skin which cause spider veins to form, and therefore a recurrence of spider veins in the already treated area is unlikely. This is a significant difference compared to laser treatment that only eliminates spider veins and does not close the feeder veins.

The doctor determines how many injections are necessary to treat the patient's abnormal surface veins that are present in the leg. The patient's leg is compressed with stockings or bandages that are worn for about two weeks after treatment. Patients are encouraged to walk regularly during the two weeks of recovery. In order to greatly improve upon the appearance of the leg veins it is common for the patient to receive a minimum of two to three treatment sessions several weeks apart.

Spider Vein Patterns

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