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Platelets are potent source of platelet drive growth factors, endothelial growth factors, epidermal growth factors, and fibroblast growth factors. Fibrin provides a matrix for blood vessels and fat cells to grow on, in addition to stimulating the release of growth factors. Selphyl naturally restores the youth back into your face.

Procedure Description

  • Blood is drawn
  • Selphyl is prepared
  • Skin is cleansed
  • Local anesthesia is applied
  • Selphyl is injected with fine needles


  • Minimum swelling and bruising for a few days
  • Patients are advised to avoid rubbing or massaging the injected
  • Tylenol can be used for local discomfort

Selphyl & Fat Transfer

Selphyl induces the development of neo-angiogenic micro-capillary network. This facilitates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the grafted fat cells. Selphyl also helps to stabilize the grafted adipose tissue, since polymerization of fibrin matrix helps to encapsulate the grafted adipose tissue. Combination of Selphyl and Fat transfer helps to rejuvenate your skin and make you feel and look younger.

Procedure Description

  • Donor site for fat harvesting is prepped and draped in standard surgical fashion
  • Tumescent fluid is applied to harvest the fat
  • Harvested fat cells are washed
  • Blood is drawn from the arm
  • Selphyl is prepared
  • Face is cleansed
  • Local anesthesia is applied
  • Fat is transferred at pre-determined areas
  • Selphyl is then injected


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