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Cosmetic Center & Spa Services

Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Kathy Gohar Creates Beautiful and Lasting Results with Liposuction and Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills.

Many men and women living in Los Angeles want to improve their physical appearance in some way to increase their self-confidence. The BH Cosmetic & Laser Center is an exclusive medical facility located in the heart of Southern California specializing in liposuction, breast augmentation, and many other cosmetic and restorative procedures. Patients of this cosmetic surgery center rave about the practice's ability to turn the once-damaged skin on their face into a soft and luxurious surface with a flawless appearance. Although the BH Cosmetic & Laser Center perfects restorative skin procedures, they also offer cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation, as well as many non-surgical procedures, such as chemical peels and liquid facelifts.

California patients of the BH Cosmetic & Laser Center continually sing praises of this liposuction and breast augmentation cosmetic surgical center--due in no small part to the proficient and highly skilled work of lead surgeon Dr. Gohar. Dr. Kathy Gohar has been referred to as the "cosmetic surgeon to the stars," and has received critical acclaim throughout Los Angeles by women and men alike. Her portfolio is bursting with satisfied patients' reviews of liposuction, breast augmentation work, and many other restorative procedures. Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center has become a leading cosmetic surgical center for both surgical and non-surgical procedures in the competitive market due to Dr. Gohar's dedication to her patients and her impressive proficiency in completing these procedures. This state of the art spa and cosmetic surgery center was founded by Dr. Gohar, and has become one of the leading locations for liposuction and breast augmentation in California. This is because of Dr. Gohar's ability to consult with her patients one on one and perform procedures that will positively impact their self-confidence.

When you are looking for the most exclusive spa for liposuction or breast augmentation results in Los Angeles, the Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center promises to completely change how you view both the procedure and the outcome of cosmetic surgery. Patients leave completely satisfied with the results of procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and other restorative and transformative procedures thanks to the expertise of Los Angeles surgeon Dr. Kathy Gohar. Some of the most imperative factors that individuals look for in a cosmetic surgeon in California are the ability to listen, understand patient needs, and provide a calming and friendly environment. Patients will find all this an more at the Beverly Hills Cosmetic and Laser Center, as Dr. Gohar's cosmetic center and spa is unlike any they have ever been to in the past, and surely deserves its reputation as the leading cosmetic surgery center in the area.


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