"I greatly appreciate your kindness.
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
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"Great Place!!"

– J.J.

"Dr kathy Gohar is one of the top Doctors in area . I have been going to Dr Gohar for years and every time I visit her I leave very satisfied. i am in the Industry and know how important apparence is so Dr Gohar takes her time and it the utmost professional."

Thank you again Dr Gohar. 

– G.S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gohar's for over five years and she has always provided me with the best professional and personal medical attention a person could ask for. She is warm and friendly with a sincere disposition you know you can trust. She explains everything to you up front and will answer any and all questions you may have. After her treatments she is excellent at informing you about any issues and/or concerns and she is very responsive to your questions even after you leave her office. All of the treatments she has suggested and performed on me have worked beautifully. I have received only compliments by my family and peers telling me I look ten years younger after every visit. Another great quality is that she responds immediately no matter when I call her office. She is always willing to accommodate my hectic schedule and she is more than reasonably priced. 

Dr. Gohar has also treated my daughters and my son for their acne problems and scarring. Her "Fraxel" procedure has not only helped me, but it has solved my twin daughter's 10 year severe acne problem by erasing the deep scarring that covered their faces. They no longer have to hide their beautiful faces as they go to their college classes and is now dating for the first time at age 20.
My whole family greatly appreciates and respects the great services provided by Dr. Gohar throughout the years and we will continue to highly recommend her to anyone considering her services."

– B.B.

"I've been going to Dr. Gohar for several years for Botox on my frown lines. She is very warm and hospitable. No discomfort at all. Very clean office, very professional. Highly recommend."

– K.G.

"I had a car accident which resulted in a large tear in my forehead and a broken nose. I went to Dr. Gohar based on my daughter's recommendation. My daughter had moles removed by Dr. Gohar. You really can't even see where the moles were. She has no scars.

I was really scared and didn't know how much this will cost me. Dr. Gohar spend over 1 hr explaining what the best treatment is for my face and broken nose. Her consultation was free. I signed up for the procedure the same day. Dr. Gohar not only fixed my broken nose, but she also repaired my forehead scars, and ended up doing a face lift at the same time. She called me right after surgery, saw me the next day, 2 days after my surgery, a week after my surgery,two weeks after my surgery, a month after my surgery, and continued to see me without charging me everytime i called her office.
Monday was my last appointment, and i look 10 years younger. My friends are all amazed at my results. I have passed out her card to all my friends, and two of my friends have already signed up to see her. I went to her simply to get my broken nose fixed and to possibly fix my scars. She really make a difference in my life and made all my pain go away and also made me look beautiful. I just don't know how to thank her and her staff at the surgery center. Thank you girls...."

– J.S. 

"Dr. Gohar is amazing. I think she might be doing magic on my face and skin for time is running backward and I am becoming younger and younger.  She is so kind and approachable unlike many other physicians I know. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I see you soon when we fly to LA for the next appointment."

– A.K.

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