"I greatly appreciate your kindness.
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
And 100 more times." Read More.


"I visited Dr. Gohar for Botox treatment. She took her time to find out exactly what I wanted it from the treatment. She was very respectful of the fact that I wanted a natural look. She did a brilliant job of using very little Botox to create a natural relaxed look. She was gentle kind and compassionate. I had such a great time sitting in her office that she ended up giving me a peel that really made a huge difference. I think I like the peel even better. A few days after the treatment, I visited  my mother who was so taking by my results that immediately made an appointment to make a trip to LA to see her. I think her results were rather spectacular (but she is a beautiful woman to start with.) My mother is going to write her own review so I will leave it at that. 

I returned a couple of weeks later to get filler for my laugh lines. Again, Dr. Gohar took a long time to make me comfortable. She  numbed the area to make sure that I would not feel any pain during the procedure. I could not stop smiling when I saw the final results. My laugh lines were gone. Dr. Gohar like a great magician had made them disappear.  I had a smooth face again. I looked happy and of course youthful. When I asked her for more procedures, she sent me home to think it over.
It is so refreshing to see such a brilliant professional and caring doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Gohar. Thank you Dr. Gohar for your presence. You have really made a difference in my life."

- R.K.

"I love Dr Gohar! I have been seeing her for nearly two years. She is the kindest most considerate doctor I have ever worked with. She is also very good at what she does!

The results of her procedure are always better than my expectations! Never any bruises after Botox, or unusual skin reactions to her products and treatments. I have some horror stories to tell from my experiences with some other cosmetic doctors/surgeons in beverly hills. She also stands by her work and goes out of her way to make sure you are happy with the result. I highly recommend dr Gohar to anyone who wants to look just a little younger or more beautiful.

I have been to and kept changing medical spas and dermatology offices for a long time until I found beverly hills Medi spa and dr Gohar. I have been going here for two years now. I have tried almost all the services they provide and have been always  very happy with the result. By far, their office has the best customer service attitude. They also use top quality products for all their treatments."

– A.M.

"My mother and I have been using to Dr. Gohar and her services for two years now and she has always been amazing. She has completely transformed my mother's skin and she really cares about her patients. She is easily accessible and more importantly, ensures comfort and satisfaction with her products and services.

When dealing with sensitive skin, it is important to have someone experienced that will recommend the right treatment. My skin looks great and I recommend her to all my friends and family."

– N.F.

"I had my third IPL treatment and am very very happy with the results. Spots are much lighter and  I can see the difference on my skin. I also bought some products which seems to be working too. Dr. Gohar is very professional yet soft spoken, makes getting treatments easier in a calm manner.

The office is clean and has a touch of elegance. The receptionist is plea sent too. I do recommend Medi Spa and this doctor."

– S.D.

"If you're looking for the best plastic surgeon/doctor in LA, look no more! Doctor Gohar is simply the best. I've been her patient for the past few years, and before her I had my fair share of bad experiences with various dermatologists and doctors to appreciate her warm demeanor, attention to detail, and aim for perfection. I've been going to Dr. Gohar for various treatments and procedures during the past few years. My first encounter with her was for a botox treatment. I have tiny lines and was very hesitant to try a new Doctor, afraid of getting one of those unnatural "devilish" looks that result from a bad botox. I only wanted a very minimal injection around the outer corner of my eyes (it amazingly also lifts the eyes) and my frown line. Unlike many Doctors who don't seem to have enough time to even listen to their patients' needs, Doctor Gohar took her time, attentively listening to my concerns and what I was hoping to achieve, and then added her own suggestions for a natural look (thus resulting in the amazing appearance of a lift around the outer corner of the eyes). 

The injection was quick, pain-free, and left absolutely no bruises in the following days.

I have also visited Doctor Gohar for minor peels to get rid of dark spots. She has this inherent ability to perfectly detect the right kind and amount of peel for one's skin needs, and the best part is that whenever she comes a cross a great product that is a must-try for my skin type (ex:Obagi Serum,etc.) she gives out a free sample for me to try. Often the samples alone do the trick, without needing to buy the actual product until my next visit
I've also abandoned my old facialist in favor of the facialist in her office. I have occasional trouble with pimples and blackheads, and the kind European lady who does facials there (forgot her name) knows exactly what kind of products to use to get rid of those. She spends a thorough one-hour session on my face, switching between extractions (which are a must for anyone with blackhead, etc. problems) and using healing masks, massaging my hands, etc.
I've been to various facialists at high end spas in LA who spend the entire facial hour putting stacks and stacks of creams on my face, spending no time on extractions, and thus not getting to the root of the problem.
Overall, my experiences with Dr. Gohar and her team has been nothing but extraordinary. She is funny, considerate, kind, and takes her time listening to one's specific needs, and has never failed to give me the exact look I wanted (and as I said even more) I know it is very difficult and confusing to find the right Doctor in LA given the many options so I thought I would write this review to put you at ease in making your decision.
Try Doctor Gohar and you'll never be able to leave her alone again!"

– S.M.

"I have been to Dr.Gohar three times over the last five years and couldn't be happier.  A friend in Los Angeles recommended her. I found her to be very knowledgeable and thorough in her explanations. My first visit I had botox in my forehead and restylane in my cheek folds. The pain was minimal and the results amazing. Folks at home commented on how rested I looked, but with two young children that is far from the case. I look natural and healthy and couldn't be more pleased. Since the initial visit, I have returned each time and am equally satisfied. The office staff are friendly and helpful."

- R.Z.

"Dr. Gohar and her staff are great! They are professional and make you feel at ease. I had heard nightmares about laser hair removal treatment before from friends who had gone to other places. I can't believe how pain-free the experience was. I also got great results! Dr. Gohar is gentle and knows exactly what she is doing! Dr. Gohar makes you feel comfortable and listens to exactly what your needs are. I am lucky to have her as my doctor and have already referred several friends."

– N.S.

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